Cybersecurity is Broken

Cybersecurity is broken. We see breach after breach on the news each week. Companies spend tens of billions of dollars annually on cybersecurity, so why are all these systems so insecure?

Cybersecurity community has succumbed to following the definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. They use the same technologies and methods over and over again, and expect that simply doing more of the same will finally provide needed cybersecurity for systems. After each breach they say “We’re doing the right things, we just need to add this one more thing to be secure”. But the breaches continue.

The technologies and methods currently in use are based on two beliefs: “We can’t keep them out” and “Our best defense is: detect and respond”. This is a biased mentality that, by definition, doesn’t allow for the construction of secure systems. Instead, we need novel security technologies that enables the construction of secure systems.

At Cognoscenti Systems we’ve followed the approach that fundamentally secure systems can be built by developing cybersecurity focused in on a specific functional area and doing that exceptionally well. The penetration testers who evaluated our technology agree that this approach works: “We were unable to manipulate, observe, or in any way disrupt the message traffic between the two test devices in this scenario.” - Fractal Security Group

Download our whitepaper to learn about our novel approach, developed at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, to secure mission critical systems.


David Viel Founder and CEO

David is the founder of Cognoscenti Systems.